I'm always researching through EWG low allergy/non-hazardous products for my body, and then I love experimenting with these products to see if they actually do the job. Yes, toxic free is great, but I also don't want to smell like I live in a tree.
  1. I love Dr. Bronner's soap. I bought a pump so it's easy to use and squirt on my hand, I then wash my whole body with this. Peppermint is my favorite because it gives my body that 'oh so fresh feeling'.
  2. So don't make fun, but Kristin Cavallari actually mentioned this brand in something I read - but my sisters did as well, so then it's ok. Ok ok, I loved Laguna Beach too people, no hate. Anyway, this facial scrub looks like it was extracted from the Dead Sea. I typically have dry skin, but not anymore! Thanks to this 👍🏻.
  3. I love 100% Pure products. Their argan oil moisturizer with SPF comes in beautiful packaging as well - which I think is important. So this is great for both moisturizing and to protect you from the sun.
  4. I have done a lot of research on mascara, well, because your eyes are important. I recently bought the Honest company one, and I was watching The Walking Dead when we all thought Glenn died, all of a sudden- my eyes were burning! Bye Felicia to Alba's product and hello Ecco Bella. Love it. (100% Pure Mascara is a close second)
  5. Ok, so this might make me smell like, well like I need deodorant, so I recommend this if you don't have a busy day and aren't seeing too many people. I think deodorant can be harsh - so this is a great alternative to low energy days. It smells great and I love that it's a spray.
  6. When my nails are unpolished, I do whatever I can to just hide my chipped, picked at, short nails. And most of the time, I don't have time to get my nails done - so this toxic free nail polish is great. It is a light peachy pink, not too loud - applies smoothly, love it.
  7. This product is great. I spray when my hair is damp, and it instantly becomes shiny and smooth. It's also vegan and paraben free. Love it.