From Boston to Atlanta.
  1. Driving a 12' foot box truck is terrifying. And this is coming from someone who has done a lot of questionable things behind a wheel
    I should write another list about all of those instances
  2. People need to understand that when you are coming onto a highway YOU YIELD TO THOSE ALREADY ON THE HIGHWAY
    C'mon, Drivers Ed 101
  3. How long can I play Kanye before my mom asks me to play "anything but this"
    Answer: roughly 27 seconds into Graduation
  4. This is a long drive, I hope my cat is ok.
    More importantly I hope she isn't using this time to plot her revenge.
  5. Should I be crying?
    I'm an anxious cryer, not a sad one. I always feel slightly cold/robotic when I know I'm in situations where normal people would shed a tear and I've got nothing
  6. Why didn't I pack more beef jerky?
    This is not a thought unique to this scenario
  7. How many miles left??
    Two minutes later: Ok, but NOW how many miles left?