My Favourite Game of Thrones Characters

if you haven't caught up, i suggest you don't read this.
  1. Daenerys
    Of course the almighty mother of dragons would be in here. She has done so much to reach her aspiration to rule the seven kingdoms and suffered a lot, losing her husband and son being one. I feel like it would be a disappointment if she didnt receive a reward at the end of the show, eventhough the writer can be evil so idk what tricks he has up his sleeve. Now that she has family (that she kinda fucked lol), she isnt the last targaryen which I am kind of happy about.
  2. Jon
    Now officially identified as Aegon Targaryen, eventhough i am so used to him being the bastard son of Ned Stark (who i miss so dearly). He has always been one of my favourites from the beginning, even when people used to treat him like an outcast for being a bastard. He is a lot like ned in a way with loyalty and honour to his family. He has killed so many people all because he thought it was the right thing to do and got murdered for it, as did ned. Like uncle, like nephew i guess.
  3. The Hound (Sandor Clegane)
    This man just needs some love in this life. The poor thing has suffered so much as a child, no wonder he is so crude to people. It seems like he is an emotionless monster who only insults people at first, but he truly has a big heart, as he saved Sansa from being gang-raped, and protected Arya with his life when escorting her to Lysa Arryn. I feel like he would be comfortable in Winterfell with the Stark girls being there. I hope thats where he ends up. If he dies, i die with him.
  4. Ramsay
    Now wait...wait. He is a deranged psychopath, i will admit that, but you can't deny those eyes. I will be judged by this...bad. I love Ramsay. Eventhough he deserved to die, I do love the sexy badass villian. Idk, my inner psycho just loves him. Yeah sure, he raped sansa and flayed multiple people....we all have our flaws, right? There's something wrong with me.
  5. Arya
    The badass of all badasses. From an innocent tomboy to a trained faceless assassin. I have loved Arya from the start and related to her so much from her line "i don't want to be a lady". Being brought up in the sexist society back then, i love that she wanted to be trained to sword fight instead of making dresses. Facing death a few times, she has said in her mind "not today" and survived. As Jon says in the pilot "you Starks are hard to kill". Very true. I am so glad she is back home.
  6. Tyrion
    From being an over sexual dwarf who drinks too much to being the Hand of the Queen. I simply love this man. He knows he can't fight, so he uses his intelligence and politics to fight. He doesn't care who he offends when he defends himself, for example, when he was on trial for being accused of Joffrey's murder. Epic speech btw. If I ever meet him, i would love to have a wit contest with him lmao.
  7. Sansa
    She used to annoy me with her being so naive and stupid, but now I am in love with how much her character has grown. The true Lady of Winterfell. She has suffered a lot, being imprisoned, beaten, humiliated and raped. From the families that betrayed her own family. Yet she survived it. And now look at her. Finally at home with her family, someone to protect her. Finally feeling safe, for once in her life.