Comedy podcasts I love and the episodes I always return to

  1. Comedy Bang Bang
  2. The Womptaculars
    I adore Jessica St Clair and Lennon Parham as CBB intern Marissa Wompler and former sniper/teacher in the Stars program, Charlotte Listler. All the characters in the universe are great (Gutterballs!) and I've practically memorized all the birthday episodes.
  3. Farts and Procreation series
    I recently re-listened to the whole series over the course of two travel days, and even though I've heard them multiple times, they still turn me into that weirdo giggling to herself in an airport. Such great comic chemistry that results in weird, silly hours I'll always cherish.
  4. Time Bobby episodes
    I love character only episodes, and the combo of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Fourvel (like Fivel but one less) the stabby orphan is amazing.
  5. Any Andy Daly character + Jason Mantzoukas co-host episode
    Highlights are Don Dimello, Cactus Tony and Chip Gardner
  6. Kid Detectives
    The contrast of Lapkus and Middleditch's excited/polite kid voices and the increasing darkness of everything they're saying is incredible.
  7. How Did This Get Made?
  8. The Fast family episodes
    I love them skewering terrible movies, but there's also something really fun about listening to ones they're clearly delighted by.
  9. Sucker Punch
    I still constantly think about Chelsea Peretti insisting against all dissent that Oscar Isaac (then unknown) gave a great performance in this movie.
  10. Monkey Shines
    Sometimes I go to the end of this episode just to listen to June's impassioned but hard to understand stance on the credited monkeys (who are not actors)
  11. Reindeer Games
    Worth it for their amazed realization that Ben Affleck's character is named "Rudy" as a nod to Rudolph.
  12. Gooby
    Jason giggling every time June says "Gooby" is my favorite thing.
  13. Honestly I listen to a lot of these on a rotation, so I'll just list a few other faves
    Con Air, Adventures of Pluto Nash, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Sharknado, Teen Witch, After Earth, Old Dogs, Howard the Duck
  14. With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus
  15. Claudia O'Doherty: I'm Sorry I've Been Catfishing You
    I've never seen Love and had no idea who she was, but Claudia O'Doherty is so good doing this cheerfully unapologetic girl who is doing something HORRIBLE, and Lauren smartly plays it completely real.
  16. Jason Mantzoukas: What Went Wrong?
    Obviously I'm a big fan of Zouks, and I love anytime he gets to improv lengthy scenes (his occasional UCB show is usually just him and one guest doing a single hour long scene) bc the character/relationship work is both hilarious and authentic, no matter how bonkers.
  17. Mary Holland and Casey Feigh: Family Meeting
    I adore Mary Holland, and she and Lauren have incredible improv chemistry. I love all her appearances, including with their improv troupe The Wild Horses, but I think this is my favorite. It's another one that, even amid the absurdity, you end up fully believing in this family and their relationships.
  18. John Early: Celebrity Wow with Tyler
    A live show and only twenty minutes, so shorter than usual, but John naming Lapkus's teen pop star characters' deeply personal song "This is Me, My Story This Time, Read My Journal - Oops It's A Book" is just a top notch joke.
  19. Improv4humans
  20. 135: Jason Mantzoukas, Lennon Parham, and Jessica St. Clair
    There are three episodes featuring these three, and I love them all - the chemistry is such that the stories that lead to scenes are just as funny. But the second or so scene they do in this particular episode is next level, and I pull it up all the time for a quick listen.
  21. Any ep with Zach Woods
    Zach is a fucking genius, and probably my favorite improvisers currently performing at UCB. I'd record every scene he ever does if I could, but I'm glad at least some of them exist on this podcast.
  22. Wild Horses Vs. Big Grande
    I love all The Wild Horses episodes, but especially the live ep where they're with Big Grande, another UCB troupe I like a lot (esp my boy Drew Tarver)
  23. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
  24. Chelsea Peretti's episodes
    There are three - all different formats, all amazing. I love their dynamic: Chelsea giving Pete constant shit, while he laughs hysterically while fighting back with "fuck you forever" and other dramatic responses.
  25. Jenny Slate
    So delightful and silly.
  26. Jessica St. Clair
    Anyway I love Jessica St Clair and I just love listening to her talk.