Current TV I'm Loving

"Current" as in airing new episodes now or very recently released binges; no shows on hiatus. I'm usually following a lot of shows at any given time, but these are the ones I'm most looking forward to week to week, or the binges that have really caught hold and stuck with me.
  1. Fleabag
    A recent enough binge to count as "current". Oh, I loved this show. It's blunt and funny and sad and messy and dark and odd and I adored it. It's a perfect tragicomedy; not like the middling indie film-esque dramedy that just kind of straddle that line between laughs and emotions: this one hits extremes of both. Creator/star Phoebe Waller Briggs is awesome, and employs the most effective fourth wall breaking device I've seen maybe ever.
  2. Rectify
    This show is such a gem. It's quiet and slow in the best way, beautiful and aching. It's full of great performances: Aden Young in particular deserves Emmys for making me want to cry with the simplest line. That makes sense for this show, though, because it's power really comes from an exquisite ability to pack so much emotional weight and depth into small, simple moments. The first three seasons are on Netflix (they're also fairly short), and the fourth/final season just started on Sundance.
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    I just got a wave of nostalgia remembering those posters on bus stops last year, and me thinking "ugh no thanks." Thank god I watched the trailer and started reading interviews with Rachel Bloom, and it intrigued me enough to look past my initial assumptions about that title plus CW show. From the pilot on, I was in love. My favorite new show of last year, and the one I was looking forward to the most in its return.
  4. The Good Place
    Mike Schur can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the premise of this: it's so refreshing to get a comedy pilot that actually feels like a unique idea. The world building is brilliant, the tone is delightful and bonkers, and I appreciate that they aren't dragging out storylines and putting off reveals indefinitely. Also shout out to D'arcy Carden; she's been one of my favorite performers at UCB, and I'm so excited (and oddly proud?) for her getting this very deserved opportunity.
  5. Black Mirror
    I'm still making my way through this, after having minimal interest for awhile. But I'll at least try anything with good word of mouth regarding a queer lady love story, so I started with this season's San Junipero and found it so beautiful and moving. Been jumping around to other episodes and really liking a lot of them, though I think SJ is gonna stay my favorite.
  6. Better Things
    I adore mother characters, especially when they come with mother/daughter dynamics, and this show is so wonderful with them. It feels so down to earth and true, and Pamela Adlon is so likable and endearing.