Favorite Fictitious Siblings

  1. Maggie and Milo, The Skeleton Twins
    Rewatched this movie recently, so they get to be first as the inspiration for this list. This movie rips my guts out, and Wiig and Hader unsurprisingly have the best 'sibling chemistry' I've ever seen. I just want these kids to be okay and to never be estranged again.
  2. The Fishers, Six Feet Under
    My favorite drama series ever, the character writing in general is A+, and I love all combinations of these three (especially David and Claire scenes). So real, and such great development over the course of the series.
  3. The Tylers, Wonderfalls
    We as a culture don't talk about Wonderfalls enough (I mean, granted, it's only thirteen episodes, nine of which were unaired, but it's the best Bryan Fuller show). Sharon, Aaron and Jaye are the best. I loved Jaye's relationships with both her siblings, but may slightly favor the sister combo because they have a scene in the finale that is low key the best scene in the series.
  4. The Bravermans, Parenthood
    Annoyingly adorable, in that it made me wish for a bigger family to have dance parties with. I love all the combinations here, but this sweetly earnest show was at its best when the four of them were in a room together.
  5. Sammy and Terry, You Can Count On Me
    Years before The Skeleton Twins, this quiet gem of an indie was the first to make me want more sibling focused movies in general.
  6. Ross and Monica Geller, Friends
    These two had a coordinated dance routine. Which is just the most memorable example of them being major dorks, especially around each other, which is a great sibling dynamic to have.
  7. Maura and Kate Ellis, Sisters
    Listen make any two SNL alums siblings in a movie, and I'm sold (in addition: give Tina and Amy any relationship dynamic to play and I'm sold) (would watch a movie length version of their SNL Carol parody)
  8. Phil and Mike Miller, The Last Man on Earth
    Again with the SNL rule; these two had me at the Falling Slowly duet.
  9. The Belchers, Bob's Burgers
    These kiddos.
  10. Dennis and Dee Reynolds
    Garbage twins