1. Parks and Recreation - The Fight
    This is my favorite episode of the whole show, comedically. "Snakejuice" has become part of my friend groups lexicon (we still talk about Snakejuice Friday, this one night during our internship summer when everyone got sloppy wasted). It's a late in the game started, but if I have one shot to convince a person, gotta go with season three. Back up plan: Flu Season
  2. The Office - The Injury
    Pure hilarity that doesn't even need previous character context for someone to find it funny. Perfect intro to Michael Scott. I always start people here, and for some reason feel the need to mention it was written by @mindy in a tone of bizarre pride, as though I have anything to do with her skill. Back up: The Dundies
  3. 30 Rock - Milf Island
    True bonkers 30 Rock, and one of my all time favorites. Hilarious Jack/Liz dynamics and a great tv parody. Back up plan: Episode 210
  4. The Mindy Project - Pilot
    A rare comedy pilot that I think already hinted at the shows full potential. I was interning in TV development the summer before TMP premiered, and getting to watch this pilot early was the most exciting job perk I ever got. The show and ensemble have changed a LOT since season one, but the comedy tone and brilliant send up of rom-coms was there from the beginning. Back up plan: Danny Castellano is my Gynecologist
  5. Community - Epidemiology
    A tough call, because there are so many different types of Community episodes, so this often needs to be tailored toward your audience: it takes a special person to jump right into the multiple timeline episode. But if someone doesn't think a zombie attack set to the music of ABBA is hilarious, they probably don't deserve to watch this show. Back up plan: Cooperative Calligraphy
  6. Brooklyn Nine Nine - The Party
    The moment this show went from a fun to watch sitcom to one of my current faves. Amazing showcase for the whole ensemble. Back up plan: The Pontiac Bandit
  7. Happy Endings - Dinner for Six
    This show is pretty good for jumping in whenever, and I love episodes where the whole ensemble is together. This is probably my most frequently rewatched, and includes the iconic Mary Tyler Moore Tyler Moore Moore Moore joke. Back up plan: The Butterfly Effect Effect.
  8. Broad City - Pussy Weed
    Abbi in the dentist office is ICONIC. A still photo cannot do it justice. Perfect intro the this absurd stoner female friendship dream of a show. Back up plan: Stolen Phone
  9. Veep - Fundraiser (pilot)
    Another rare pilot choice. I feel like Veep needs to be done in order (though if someone was a major skeptic, I'd be okay jumping ahead to The Choice just to convince them. Also, the tones already completely sure of itself.