My friends and I begin our mass holiday exodus from Los Angeles this weekend, so last night was our annual Christmas party, including the yearly viewing of Rudolph (and yearly discussion of its Queer Subtext) followed by Yankee Swap.
  1. Throwback Box
    My gift, which I was pretty proud of: early Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys CDs, a You've Got Mail DVD, and various relics from childhood: silly string, a yoyo, silly putty, and play dough
  2. A mermaid blanket
    I don't think I've ever seen a human more excited in a dirty Santa game than Emily was to open this. It would've been cruel to steal it from her.
  3. Exploding Kittens game
    Albert brought this, probably so we aren't constantly making him bring his to game nights/outdoor movies/chill bars/etc
  4. "You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé" sports bottle
    Inspirational. And sometimes disheartening.
  5. Balderdash
    Dawn brought this and then stole it from someone, thus ending up with her own gift. Someone does that every year without fail. We ended up playing this at two am.
  6. Jenga drinking game
    Came with shot glasses. I stole this from Fola, he later stole it back. Sigh.
  7. The Voting Game
    I ended up with this, and am pleased with it. We played a loose version right after gift exchanging ended.
  8. Sushi Go
    Lot of people went the game route this year. Probably because we had a lot of fun with Adult Loaded Questions at last years party.
  9. This shirt
    Roommate's boyfriend brought this, wrapped it at our place before the party. I though a shirt was a risky move considering the various sizes of our guests, but then my roommate picked it on purpose so this was obviously just a way to get her an extra, weird gift.
  10. Various bottles of liquor or wine that's slightly more expensive than what we usually buy