Movies I Watched This Week

All 2016 releases, two in theaters currently, two rented on iTunes.
  1. First Girl I Loved
    Narrative attitude toward one storyline was slightly murkier than I would have liked, but they nailed the development of the "obviously smitten friendship" between the two girls. Really delicate and tender, and the lead performances were great.
  2. The Edge of Seventeen
    A total delight. Funny and smart and emotionally authentic. Worthy of the John Hughes comparisons it's getting.
  3. Joshy
    Watched it because I like the cast a lot, and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected considering the "bro" nature of it. Restrained in the more emotional material, but was a kind of sickening gut punch when it finally came.
  4. Arrival
    Holy shit. Just got back from the movie theater and I was not expecting this at all. Eerie and thought provoking with a powerful pay off. Damn.