Inspired by @sarahmccoy
  1. Hey Arnold!
    My best friend and I have done several rewatches as adults. We have Thoughts and Feelings about it, particularly Helga as the origins of our love for flawed female characters.
  2. Current performers at UCB-LA (and their various shows)
    I go to a LOT of shows. My friend and I refer to our faves by their first names. We joke that we wish we had UCB trading cards. When they pop up in guest spots or commercials I react as if they're my friends who are finding success.
  3. NBC sitcoms
    Especially that golden age run of 30 Rock, Parks, The Office, and Community, but also many older and newer shows.
  4. Earwolf podcasts
  5. The filmographies of....
    Kate Winslet, Kristen Wiig, Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlie Kaufman, Nora Ephron, Richard Linklater, 90s/2000s Meg Ryan, 90s/2000s Julia Roberts, 80s/90s Winona Ryder
  6. Wonderfalls
    Thirteen glorious episodes, many of them with DVD commentary
  7. Six Feet Under
    After we finished this series, I ordered a book of academic essays on the show. I was really floundering post-binge.
  8. Indie films of the past fifteen years or so
  9. Orange is the New Black...and the internets' reaction to various seasons of Orange is the New Black
    Some of the latter I wish I didn't know tbh
  10. Terrible movies available on Netflix
    We do frequent Bad Movie nights, and usually pick light romances made for television (Hallmark, the network formerly know as ABC Family, etc). The best ones feature either a Duff sister or a Christmas theme (sometimes both!)