Just the ones from today.
  1. Uneasy.
    Oh crap. Is this a traffic jam?...why am I slowing to a halt on the highway at 6:30 in the morning on my way to work? Crap. Crap. Car a a aaaap.
  2. Anxious.
    Well I guess I have to call work and let them know I'll be late because I'm definitely stuff in a traffic jam.
  3. Panic slash fury.
    I swear if they give my room away and put me on the break team for 12 friggan Hours bc I don't make it in time I'm gonna lose it. LOSE IT.
  4. Relief.
    Ok. I made it to work, I found an appropriate parking spot, I might even clock in by 7:00.
  5. Distain.
    I clock in at 7:02 bc I'm not going to rush through changing into my scrubs and getting myself sorted...I mean, there are half a dozen other ppl who are late too. And they can kiss my butt.
  6. Calm boiling rage.
    Did she really just stand next to the time clock and tell me, " well they've been advertising that construction for months so if you didn't get here on time, it's really your fault. " She sure did. Clocked in at 7:02 and I not only get dinged for being 'tardy' but I also get personally reprimanded as I clock in...