1. I was distressed and had to document it
  2. The photo was taken on the busted front-facing camera of my iPhone 4s, which i owned until right before the 6s was announced
    I brought it in to sprint with a cracked screen
  3. The photo was taken in the bathroom of a Very Fancy townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan
    I only barely grasp what new york neighborhoods mean (im trying tho) but i understand that to be the Very Fancy part of manhattan
  4. My choir was invited to said townhouse because two of our members had gone on the study abroad program that the townhouse's owner funds
  5. I had consumed about a bottle of wine at this point
    There were more bottles of wine than people and most choir members were able to get away with taking a bottle or two
  6. Someone had come out of the bathroom saying there was some fancy drawing hung up in there?
  7. There was a fucking PICASSO ETCHING in the bathroom
    I also took this selfie with it - i have no photos of it that are not selfies taken on my busted-ass camera
  8. I was distressed