SCOTUS fucked up, here's what happened.
  1. So, for background: you might have heard of something called the EPA Clean Power Plan for Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants ♻️🌟♻️
    Obama announced it over the summer. It seeks to create state-by-state regulations of carbon emissions, largely through either decommissioning coal-fired power plants or making them more efficient.
  2. Predictably, conservative states are not about this
    25 states have attempted to sue the EPA for acting outside of its limitations, claiming the EPA is power-hungry (yeah, for the power to keep global warming under 2 degrees centigrade) and that this would place unreasonable burden on utilities companies.
  3. Seriously, seriously unhappy about it
    Literally some state officials have said the EPA is trying to become a czar. This quote is on SCOTUSblog. It's not made up, unfortunately.
  4. KEY POINT: 👇🏻
    No states are *required* to shut down any power plants. They just need to comply with emissions regulations in whatever way they see fit. But this is actually meant to be a great impetus for job creation, both in engineers to retrofit existing power plants and workers for new clean energy jobs. And I understand green tech R+D is still on its way but this is an economic boon if we embrace it correctly.
  5. Fortunately, the DC circuit court rejected their application for a stay to prevent the CPP from being enforced.
  6. ...but then SCOTUS didn't?!
    While it was a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS decided to honor the crybaby request to put the CPP on hold while the DC circuit court deliberated the legality of the plan.
  7. So now, the plan is unenforceable, for a while.
    Like a deviously long while. While the DC circuit court is reviewing the plan on an expedited schedule, it's expected to not be fully reviewed until 2017, after Obama - the author of the CPP - is out of office.
  8. Let's just reflect on the only mention of anything related to climate change in the first GOP debate
    In which each candidate agreed that they would unanimously defund the EPA and then moved on to talk about which one of them has received word from god.
  9. So if we have a conservative president next year, it's possible our only shot at complying with the goals established for our nation at COP21 will be ruined.
  10. U G H