Where to go when you've got that lack-of-caffeine-induced-headache and you start sweating PROFUSELY like DRIPPING HUGE DROPS EVERYWHERE and start trembling uncontrollably but not so uncontrollably that it's overt.
  1. Brooklyn Water Bagel
    It costs like $5 for this bad boy, but it's the bad boy who rode to school on his mo-Ped every day and winked at you that one time you lent him your history notes. The one your mother warned you about but knew deep down you'd relentlessly pursue anyway. The one that- yes- broke your heart in a million pieces but left an indelible mark on your soul and changed the way you view yourself and/or the world. CONSUMER TIP: try with chocolate syrup, but just a splash.
  2. Lenny's Delicatessen- Owings Mills
    I've had a lot of coffee in my day, but Lenny's is different. It's special.
  3. Artful Gourmet Bistro
    Brewed Fresh every day, about eleven times per day. Approximately ten of the brews are a direct result of staff consumption. Managers know this but pretend not to. DISCLAIMER: I work here
  4. The Dunkin Donuts next door to Artful Gourmet Bistro
    But only because the guys who work there are so. darn. nice. And even knew me by name after a few weeks! I give this DD an enthusiastic 10/10.
  5. My kitchen
    I make it with silk almond milk and sometimes will cheat and add in a dash of sugar-free vanilla. Buying a keurig was hands down the best purchase my parents ever made besides, like, whatever they spent to birth me and, like, my education I guess. *Home address omitted for security purposes.