Tis the season- give thanks!
  1. Game of Trones
    A (new?) violent, sexually-charged television series that my grandparents have gotten SUPER into. They say they've made it through all 50 episodes (50 hours!) in less than one week! Sounds interesting- will have to check it out as soon as I look into what a "Trone" is. Glad they've found something to keep them busy/grounded long term.
  2. Brussel Sprout, Squash and Ambrosia Hot Salad
    Is it just me, or are Brussel sprouts suddenly quite cool again? Have they always been this trendy? If not, how'd they pull off this comeback? Discussion Question: how do you prefer your Brussel sprouts prepared, if at all?
  3. The Washington Post
    A great go-to source for daily news: long form stories, breaking news, spicy opinion columns, etc. I got my own subscription for Hannukkah (sp?) but here's my one piece of beef with it: turns out the subscription only covers the web version and not mobile. Who came up with that business decision? Let's have a chat/heated quarrel.
  4. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Cones
    Those Two Amazing Bites of Heaven You've Been Craving! *Disclaimer: Images on Box Enlarged ONLY to Show Texture
  5. Paula Pell
    SNL writer, Twitter-based phenomenon, casual new voice of our generation/insightful life coach (If you don't already follow her @perlapell, either stop everything you're doing and do it or drop dead because you're doing it wrong) Sorry was I being too morbid again?
  6. Die-hard Drake Fans Who Only Care About Drake and Absolutely Nothing Else
    I love you, Mom!