Kids' movies I totally forgot existed

  1. All Dogs go to Heaven
    I don't remember the plot but I'm pretty sure I cried
  2. All Dogs go to Heaven 2
    Cause why not make a sequel?
  3. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    Fun fact: Matt Damon is Spirit (kind of)
  4. The Black Cauldron
    Like many other children, I was more than a little terrified of this movie.
  5. Home on the Range
    I think Disney likes to pretend they didn't make this movie
  6. The Brave Little Toaster
    I'm pretty sure my sister had a blankie for so long because of this movie
  7. How the Toys Saved Christmas
    He got his special friend!
  8. Thumbelina
    I watched this 1000s of times
  9. Valiant
    WWII and birds - what else could you want?
  10. Shark Tale
    There were so many big name actors in this movie and I had no idea who any of them were
  11. The Swan Princess
    There are like 6 of these movies and I don't really remember any of them EXCEPT for the parts where she turns into a swan and back