Went home.
  1. "Never post a photo of your feet on Instagram."
    -my mother
  2. "In life, there are many situations."
    -my father, after I lamented about something or another. This was all he said.
  3. "You should go into Vogue-don't wait for an interview-just march right in and ask for a job."
    My grandmother who, despite the fact that I am happily employed, thinks I should work in fashion and knows how it works.
  4. "Put a yolk on it."
    -mom re: breakfast
  5. "There is no such thing as a flat bowl."
    This caused a heated and lengthy family argument. It's true, though, and sounds kind of wise.
  6. "When you go to a wedding, flirt with the men. It doesn't matter if you don't like them, just flirt. It's FUN."
  7. "Take oregano oil"
  8. "You should get your thyroid checked."
  9. "If you like women, I'm not saying that you do, I am fine with that. What do I know? You could like women."
    Grandma Marilyn, again.
  10. "Love goes away. Money does not."
    Guess who. Also, just factually inaccurate.
  11. "It doesn't pay to worry."
    The best of the bunch from the best of the bunch: my grandfather.