1. You still think it's good looking but like in an "edgy" way you grew out of
  2. PTSD
  3. Sometime you get really nostalgic and think about early Saturday mornings when you were up but the rest of the world wasn't and the light was super crisp and the season was turning and you were in love
  4. You like to talk shit about your relationship when you get drunk
  5. People are like "I know New York" and you're like "Watch your fucking step, buddy"
  6. It was kind of like sex and the city but not at all
  7. Thinks it's the center of the world
  8. (Now it's like Law & Order. But not SVU)
  9. Was the (big) apple of your eye
  10. You wonder about the future you could have had but then you're like...yeah/no
  11. You still have "your" song
  12. You have since tried a romantic weekend getaway and it went poorly