Flavored coffee is bullshit bc "coffee is the flavor" -John O'Keefe
  1. Starbucks Americano
    With half and half.
  2. Starbucks light coffee frappaccino
    The only frappaccino I will drink and I only get it when it's hot outside. I think it's a v under appreciated Starbucks menu item/hidden gem.
  3. McDonalds coffee with two cremes
    Surprisingly good. Reminds me of my grandpa. Plus I just love going to McDonald's and only ordering coffee.
  4. Brewed coffee at my parents house.
    It's so much better than brewed coffee I make myself? Also it must be served with 2% milk that has been heated up in the microwave and you pour enough milk in to make it the "right color."
  5. Lattes from small coffee shops
    In a mug with a foam leaf on top. Sometimes instagrammed bc it's hard not to.
  6. "A cup of coff" from Deirdre's house
    Made by the fancy nesspresso machine, usually at like 9:30 pm before we go out OR as a way to refuel for 5 more hours of watching 1D videos on YouTube.
  7. A cup of "Jamaican me crazy" blend at my friend Carolyn's lake house in okoboji
    The only flavored coffee I will ever consume. MUST be served with whipped creme.
  8. Diner coffee
    Must be in a traditional diner mug. The mug never gets more than half empty bc the waitress keeps "topping you off."
  9. Pretty much any coffee at 2:30 pm M-F
  10. NEVER coffee from a kuerig or "k-cup"