Things I've Been Briefly Obsessed With in the Past Two Months

Whatever, I'm a little phasey, so sue me...
  1. Jogging in Central Park
    "Well yeah I mean it does take me a full hour on the subway to get there from my house but it's totally worth it because the park is so beautiful and there are just some really great trails. It's also just such a New York thing to do, you know?? " - obsession length: 1.5 jogs
  2. LinkedIn
    Everyone at my new job went to Ivy League schools and they've all like interned at the White House and can speak 6 languages and started nonprofits in middle school, etc etc. So I decided to combat my feelings of crippling inferiority by stalking every semi-accomplished person I know and basically copying their LinkedIn profiles. I also added some "buzzwords." Length of obsession: long enough to remember that LinkedIn notifies you EVERY TIME someone (me) views (stalks) your profile.......
  3. Bitmoji
    A writer for the New York Times wrote a piece about her love of bitmojis last week. I had never even heard of them, and I had a whirlwind love affair with the app. I legit texted like 15 people and told them they had to get this app because I had this beautiful vision of all of us only communicating via bitmoji. Only 2 people responded. Obsession length: maybe like 3 days? Then I realized I actually kind of hate bitmojis?
  4. Coldplay
    I saw them play at a music festival at the end of September. I've never really cared about Coldplay at all, but I was LOVING seeing them live. Chris Martin is such a cute/nice British man! The whole time they were playing I was very annoyingly announcing "No you guys, I really think I'm becoming a diehard Coldplay fan." I went home, downloaded all their albums, read like 15 interviews with Chris Martin, and then promptly forgot about them again. Coldplay is fine. Obsession length: 48 hours
  5. Bedbugs
    Tbh, this one deserves its own post bc I actually became a straight up crazy person, but the short version is that I moved to NYC and became full-on obsessed with keeping my bed bedbug-free. Length of obsession: probably 3 weeks, then I chilled out for a while until I SAW A BEDBUG CRAWLING ON THE JACKET OF THE MAN SITTING NEXT TO ME ON THE SUBWAY and the obsession started anew.
  6. The List App
    Yeah this shit hit me hard on Sunday morning and I haven't surfaced since.... So I guess that's an obsession length of like 48 hours at this point
  7. Mindy Kaling for the 10000th time
    I always love Mindy, but while I was reading her new book, I wouldn't shut up about her and found ways to bring her up in every convo and obsessively read 5 year old interviews with her and laughed really loudly at every single line in the book. No one around me DIDN'T know that I was reading Why Not Me. Length of obsession: 3 ish days?