I watch a lot of TV.
  1. I've always watched a lot of TV, from the time I was very young.
    Literally the only consequence that I gave a dick about when I was little was my mom not letting me watch Scooby Doo. Anything else I'd deal with. Not being able to watch Scooby Doo was the equivalent to the world ending.
  2. I liked TV because it was an escape, but it also helped me learn about the world.
    I've never in my life passively consumed media. I've always wanted to talk about it, dissect it, dissect storylines and character arcs. I do have shows I watch as just "brain-dead TV", but I don't even watch those in a fully passive manner.
  3. It brought me closer to my parents.
    My parents and I have never been close close, and our relationship has always been complicated, but we all started watching TV together when I was in middle school and now family TV time is a very important ritual for us.
  4. So these are some shows that have really affected me at different times in my life for different reasons.
    In no particular order.
  5. NCIS
    NCIS is the show that started family TV time. My depression hit and hit hard as soon as I started middle school, and like any angsty preteen I started dressing very Hot Topic emo mall goth. My mom always talked about how Abby always made her think of me, so I sat down and watched it with them one night. I loved all the characters so much - it was the first real "grown up" show I'd watched, and is probably one of the only shows that's never really let me down over the years.
  6. Queer as Folk
    I first watched QaF when I was 18, so about six years after the series ended. I had dropped out of college due to being unable to manage my crippling depression and I didn't really leave my room for three months except to occasionally go to work or hang out with my girlfriend at the time. Watching QaF made me feel closer to the queer community and taught me a lot about my own queer identity, and a lot about relationships as well (platonic and romantic). I'm currently re-watching!
  7. Dancing with the Stars
    Listen. DWTS is the highlight of my week. I know that sounds ridiculous, but this show, to me, is just so much fun to watch. This is another family TV time show, and my parents and I have been watching since season three or four. It brings me such absolute joy, no matter what mood I'm in. The pros and the judges feel like family to me because I've been watching so long, and I love watching the journeys people have on this show. DWTS makes me feel how Christmas makes other people feel.
  8. Boy Meets World
    I grew up watching BMW, and its taught me more life lessons than I can count. There's not much else to say - I mean, it's Boy Meets World. It speaks for itself.
  9. Degrassi: The Next Generation
    Yes, I watched Degrassi. Not the best written show, but one that will always have a dear place in my heart. For a lot of queer kids in my generation, the first representation of themselves they saw on TV was Kurt from Glee - but for me, it was Marco. I've probably watched the scene in King of Pain where he stops the play to come out to his dad hundreds of times. Marco wasn't the only thing I loved - it was messy with teen characters I actually related to at a time I needed them most.
  10. Glee
    Most of the time I don't even want to admit I, at one point, loved this trainwreck deeply. Glee burned me the way no show ever has. But, it was my first fandom as a late teen/early adult, and it taught me more than any other show I've ever watched to always view things critically, but try not to let your critiques get in the way of your enjoyment - or else you'll just hate everyone in the fandom you used to love and feel vaguely nauseous any time that thing is mentioned.
  11. Grey's Anatomy
    I never wanted to like Grey's. I used to make fun of the people who loved Grey's. But in an I'll watch yours if you watch mine trade with an ex I discovered how wrong I was about this show. Despite some of the awful shit she's done to them, Shonda Rhimes writes some of the best and most diverse characters I've ever seen on a TV show, she balances the huge cast beautifully, and writes some really great storylines and character arcs. I know a lot of people have given up on Grey's, but I won't.
  12. So what are some important TV shows to y'all?
    Talk TV to me!