I am currently on sabbatical from real life at my parent's beach house. Here is what is fab about this situation.
  1. Everything I do is cute.
    Example: last night I was watching tv with my dogs in the den and my dad came in and almost wept upon the sight. It made me feel like I have a natural gift towards being adorable. But then he made me change the channel and I was like "UGH"
  2. My mom makes be healthy.
    Yoga baby. YO. GA. She makes me go and I never want to but then after I feel peaceful and like me and her live our lives the same way.
  3. I'm off weed.
    Rehab? Pshhh. Just stay with my parents for a week. They're extremely judgement and hate anything illegal so marijuana is v. out of the question. Seriously though, haven't been off the ganj this long since high school and I'm feeling sober AF.
  4. We always have plans.
    Maybe this is what being in a relationship is like ? Having someone to eat with every night ? I like the consistency of their company even if they're annoyinggggg
  5. They have dogs.
    So I get to have dogs too. And it rockssss. Def need to get one.