1. I can't think of any reasons except that I want to. Does that count? Maybe I should get into hookah instead. Or, better yet, meth.
  2. Literally still stumped as to why I would smoke. Is this normal? To make a list and realize two bullets in that you're an addict?
  3. Seriously, maybe I should flush the ganja down the toilet. Is it possible I just miss my ex and am replacing his sweet sensual loving with marijuana? Kidding, of course. There's nothing sweet or sensual about doing it from behind.
  4. Maybe I should vape. Christina Milian has a hookah vape pen that she took to her pop up store in Malibu. I think maybe that suits me.
  5. Someone from Hinge just texted me to smoke. Is the universe laughing? Comment back. Also swerve.