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a fun thing because i have a lot of pictures
  1. like this
  2. and this
  3. and this when i'm a lil drunk
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  1. i'm gonna start scrapbooking and making lil pop up stuff
  2. this is my background
  3. i got a haircut! i tell people i look like uncle jesse and they're like no it looks good!! and i'm like i didn't say it didn't!
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  1. mad cheesy shit
  2. gifts
  3. puns sometimes
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  1. some anime stuff i don't get
  2. drake lyrics
  3. daytime
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serious and not serious
  1. thinking about people putting on leather pants is so sticky
  2. i hate the word panties i wanna put it through a shredder
  3. i might not go back to college next year
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  1. my mom makes some hella food
  2. we open presents at midnight
    idk why we do this probably bc we don't eat dinner till like 11
  3. i drink lotta wine and everything my mom says makes me snort
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  1. whataburger
  2. spicy ketchup from whataburger
  3. driving everywhere
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  1. tupac's death was fake
  2. one of those hearts that say mom that all bikers have tattoos of
  3. lms if u've ever really been craving a quesadilla at 3 am
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