1. my mom makes some hella food
  2. we open presents at midnight
    idk why we do this probably bc we don't eat dinner till like 11
  3. i drink lotta wine and everything my mom says makes me snort
  4. my grandpa asks me for the fifth time how boston is and if i have a jacket yet
    the answer is okay and no
  5. i have to help everyone open the presents i got them bc i have intense wrapping game
  6. we eat our desserts and drink more
  7. my parents do the whole "she has my nose no she has MY nose" thing for way too long
  8. i sleep on the couch bc grandpa's snoozin in my bed
  9. we set out milk and cookies and i make some joke about santa being vegan and my sister gets scared and pours him a glass of almond milk
  10. we open santa's gifts at like 7
  11. i get to assemble my brother and sister's toys all day and our house looks like black friday
  12. we watch movies and eat leftovers and it's :)