serious and not serious
  1. thinking about people putting on leather pants is so sticky
  2. i hate the word panties i wanna put it through a shredder
  3. i might not go back to college next year
  4. i want some nachos from maria's
  5. i probably should major in journalism
  6. someone just sent me a text that said "if u were a flavor pop tart u'd be hot fudge sundae" which made me happy
  7. if my name were something else i'd want it to be olivia i think
  8. i got some cute shit at h&m today and i can't wait to wear it and feel hella
  9. i had a messed up dream today where i almost got run over by the T
  10. in second grade my teacher taught me how to crack my knuckles and now she lives in dallas and doesn't know the kinda damage she did
  11. idk i'm probably thinking about dogs a little bit
  12. i really want some nachos from maria's