1. i'm gonna start scrapbooking and making lil pop up stuff
  2. this is my background
  3. i got a haircut! i tell people i look like uncle jesse and they're like no it looks good!! and i'm like i didn't say it didn't!
  4. i need to do laundry
    i NEED to do laundry
  5. today i lost my virgymity
    because i went to the gym for the first time
  6. i was really red and sweaty but i only had to stink up the elevator till the FOURTH floor so it was fine
  7. i had a plant baby today
  8. i like really want a pretzel as of now
  9. not like a salty one you know those baby cinnamon sugar pretzels that you dip in the icing and make you sick after
  10. like those
  11. my roommate talked to thomas middleditch today and he was super nice!!
  12. i decided to do news writing this semester!!!
    i don't really know why!!! i sort of felt like it!!! i did it in high school i guess!!!
  13. i know what an air b&b is now and believe me i'm gonna use one probably at some point
    mostly hoping it's a really sketchy kinda deal and and the guy smells like something specific and funny and i get a good story out of it
  14. get me some PRETZELS
  15. i keep wanting to go to primark but apparently all their stuff was made by tiny slave children?????? such a bummer
  16. oh also i have a paper cut on my finger but it's cute and tiny!! like the pretzel bites!!!
  17. i'm kicking this weekend's ASS
  18. wooooooooooooooooooo