a fun thing because i have a lot of pictures
  1. like this
    C7620f5f 8b1f 4f5d b1e5 4f0d759a2cee
  2. and this
    6cb0bd9d 4014 4a39 ab5a 2c47813dd940
  3. and this when i'm a lil drunk
    B08af351 732b 457d 8580 5faf6d7ba7ea
  4. when i'm really drunk
    D84307fc aa67 4780 bbc2 43ceceec44e9
  5. when i'm wearing ear muffs that aren't mine
    Ef1a3f2c 57a1 4a70 9bc2 ba95ae6d5a09
  6. when it's christmas and i just got a keurig
    A3a5fadb d202 45d0 b899 ed210ca2d9ee
  7. when i'm asleep on a plane
    1827aaa1 1049 4055 9044 adca3c09b347
  8. when my roomie's ok
    7eb7ffa2 a1f2 4715 a7be f8055351c077
  9. when i'm NOT about it
    2402a29d e632 4c9d 8960 3951e216b04f
  10. when i'm ALL about it
  11. when i'm 16 and way cooler than i am now
  12. when i'm making this list