I have a type and it's actors over the age of 50.
  1. Robert Downey Jr., 50
    I hate that I'm attracted to him.
  2. Brad Pitt, 52
    the more wrinkles he gets, the more I want him.
  3. John Stamos, 52
    my sexual awakening began at a very young age thanks to Uncle Jesse.
  4. Johnny Depp, 52
    yes, even in this photo.
  5. Steve Carell, 53
    I think he'd be really nice to me after.
  6. George Clooney, 54
    I'm a basic bitch.
  7. Colin Firth, 55
    he'll always be my Darcy.
  8. Denzel Washington, 60
    I was nine years old when Remember The Titans came out so I was nine years old when I fell in love with Denzel.
  9. Jeff Goldblum, 63
    this man is one year younger than my father. and yet.
  10. Harrison Ford, 72
    there's just something about how shaky he's gotten over the last few years that really gets to me.
  11. Robert De Niro, 72
    I have a complex.
  12. Honorable mention: Idris Elba, 43
    I will always find an excuse to mention this man.