I have a type and it's actors over the age of 50.
  1. Robert Downey Jr., 50
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    I hate that I'm attracted to him.
  2. Brad Pitt, 52
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    the more wrinkles he gets, the more I want him.
  3. John Stamos, 52
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    my sexual awakening began at a very young age thanks to Uncle Jesse.
  4. Johnny Depp, 52
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    yes, even in this photo.
  5. Steve Carell, 53
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    I think he'd be really nice to me after.
  6. George Clooney, 54
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    I'm a basic bitch.
  7. Colin Firth, 55
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    he'll always be my Darcy.
  8. Denzel Washington, 60
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    I was nine years old when Remember The Titans came out so I was nine years old when I fell in love with Denzel.
  9. Jeff Goldblum, 63
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    this man is one year younger than my father. and yet.
  10. Harrison Ford, 72
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    there's just something about how shaky he's gotten over the last few years that really gets to me.
  11. Robert De Niro, 72
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    I have a complex.
  12. Honorable mention: Idris Elba, 43
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    I will always find an excuse to mention this man.