1. I was working at HarperCollins last year when Mindy and B.J. Novak came in for a meeting with my bosses.
  2. I was a nobody at the company so the fact that I got to participate in this meeting was like a gift.
  3. yes, B.J. was there, but I only had eyes for Mindy. I'm sure you understand.
  4. I remember walking into the conference room and seeing her surveying the little snack table, so her back was to me at first glance.
  5. then she turned around.
  6. SHE LOOKED INCREDIBLE. she's even more gorgeous in person.
  7. and she was wearing bright colors that looked dynamite with her skin.
  8. then the meeting began and it was fairly boring.
  9. the back & forth between the two of them was fun to watch.
  10. and this gem that I actually wrote in my notes: "I think the way to get Bradley Cooper to fuck me is to tell him I'm dying." this is a very good strategy, in my opinion.
  11. but Mindy was funny and charming and smart. she didn't make a lot of direct eye contact and she let B.J. talk the most.
  12. I remember her saying she thought Jesus would be a bore at a dinner party.
  13. and then the meeting was over and Mindy & B.J. were scooting toward the door and saying goodbyes.
  14. I managed to shake both of their hands because it was the professional thing to do.
  15. and that was the day I met my queen.