1. Good GOD, I've made 200 of these things? Before it has even gone public?! Someone is thiiiiiirsty.
  2. This me today.
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    I went to Taco Bell to specifically get the Cap'n Crunch donut things AND THEY WERE GREAT.
  3. Here are some facts about me:
    Because everything is about me. EVERYTHING.
  4. I hate raw onions, raisins, and pie.
  5. I like sushi, beer, and ice cream.
  6. My favorite list I've made is the one where I compare myself to a raccoon.
  7. I always put my right sock on first, and then my left, and then my right shoe, and then my left.
  8. I prefer to stay up late and sleep in. Usually get to bed around 2-3am and wake up at 11.
  9. Fictional character wise, I'd say I'm a mix of Ron Weasley, Amy Pond, and Charlie from It's Always Sunny.
  10. My brother would disagree with the above and say I'm 100% Kenny Powers.
  11. My coffee order is: medium iced coffee with half a scoop of hazelnut.
    That's if it's Coffee Bean. If it's Starbucks, it's grande iced coffee with 2 pumps hazelnut and non fat milk.
  12. If I get sad or lonely at night, I'll get in my car and drive by all of my friends's houses.
    Stalkery? Nah! I just like to imagine them inside all safe and sound!
  13. I often wonder how many of ya'll will start banging once ListApp adds a DM feature.
  14. I don't have a knuckle in the ring finger on my right hand. I'll show you next time we're in person.
  15. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!! BYE!!!!