1. Make Klay Thompson fall in love with me.
  2. Spend more time appreciating my female friendships.
  3. Be a better friend in general.
    I don't think I'm a bad friend. But I think everyone can benefit from trying to be more thoughtful and generous. I feel like my friends are just always so there for me and I'll spend my whole life trying to show them what that means to me.
  4. Audition more. Act more. Work more.
    I fell off a bit in 2016. If I could focus on work as much as I focus on the Golden State Warriors, I would be a movie star.
  5. Stop letting boys distract me from all of the above.
    Except for the Klay thing. That's pretty boy focused.
  6. Stop letting boys and men dictate my happiness.
  7. Maybe try therapy again.
    I did it and I liked it. Then I stopped and all of a sudden, I didn't have to check in with myself emotionally or hold myself accountable for my damaging decisions. Felt great. But in the way bingeing on Jack in the Box feels great.
  8. Answer the phone more when my mom calls.
  9. Put more positive than negative into the world.
    It's very hard.
  10. Pet more dogs.
  11. Realize that the reason I feel so competitive with other women is because of the patriarchy and we all just want to be happy, so maybe don't be such a judgemental bitch, Hollis.
  12. But also, I would like to be more honest with my friends and the people around me.
    I guess maybe honesty isn't the best word. More self assured. "Yes, I want to do that." "No, I didn't like when you made me feel like that" etc.
  13. Get engaged to Klay Thompson.