1. After my Dad died, I remembered that he wrote me a really heartfelt letter on my 12th birthday. I tore apart my room trying to find it. I thought I lost it and just sat on the ground crying. Then a pile of books fell from the top of my bookshelf and the letter fell down with them.
  2. My ex-boyfriend brought his new girlfriend home for the first Christmas after we broke up. I went on record saying that the worst case scenario would be me running into his mom and the new gf without him.
    I was out and about grabbing coffee with my friend when I said "my friend Lauren posted an Instagram saying she was at [dress store across from the Starbucks we were at]! Let's go say hi!" Right as I open the door to the dress shop, Lauren was in the doorway and I couldn't see inside. She hugged me and whispered "Mrs. Ferriole and new girl are inside, heads up." I told Lauren I'd call her later and peaced out. Never been more serious when I say Lauren was my guardian angel that day.
  3. Sometimes, little people are born with extremely bowed legs that require a very expensive, painful, and long surgery to fix. The surgery often can't be done until adulthood which can make it worse. I would have needed this surgery, but I broke both of my legs while I was in kindergarten.
    They were able to set/straighten my bones in the cast so that I would not need the surgery later in life. Sucked to be in a cast for a summer, but it could have been way worse.
  4. Last year, I was the poorest I've ever been. I accepted an office job that I hated and barely covered my bills, but it was a "take this job or leave LA" moment. I called my Mom sobbing and just shouted into the phone "I just want a job in TV! That's it!" 10 minutes after we hung up, I got a call for a season long stand in job.