1. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Hands down, the best class you could ever hope to take. You get to learn hexes and jinxes and basically ways to take down anybody who would wish you harm. Especially that bitch, Pansy Parkinson. Despite the revolving door of professors, DoDA would be the most exciting part of your day.
  2. Transfiguration
    Teaches you how to change things to other things. Oh you have a chair that you're not really using? Why not change it into LITERALLY ANY OTHER OBJECT?! Plus, if you excel hard enough, you could learn how to transfigure yourself into an animal and become an animagus. YOU COULD SPEND YOUR DAYS AS A BIRD OR DOG IF YOU WANTED TO. Bonus points: McGonagall is your professor.
  3. Charms
    "It's LeviOsa not LevioSA!" Teaches you magic charms that'll help you on the daily, son!! Wanna clean your house but don't want to get up from your bed? Better learn Wingardium Leviosa and that shit will move on it's own!! Can't reach that glass on the top shelf? Accio cup and you're all set!!
  4. Care and Keeping of Magical Creatures
    Let me ask you this. You think animals are cool? Imagine how cool they are PLUS MAGIC. Part of your day will be spent outside, kicking it with nifflers and learning about dragons? And Hagrid is the professor? All you have to do is show up and he'll probably give you at least a B+. Sold.
  5. Potions
    Basically chemistry in the magical world. A bit sketchy in the ethics department because people can literally steal your identity or make you fall in love with them just with one potion. Plus Snape is the professor and he's a giant bag of sucks so do with that what you will.