1. When my little sister was born and I held her for the first time and kissed her chubby little face.
    I was 14 and immediately started crying. I was really confused why I was crying because I had never cried out of happiness before.
  2. First kiss ever
    The boy was named Frankie. He had just used one of those Listerine breath strips. The smoothest.
  3. The "oh my god are you going to kiss me?" kiss
    Usually drunkenly occurs with a new friend. May I suggest during a lull in conversation while tucked away in a corner at a friend's party?
  4. Sloppy kisses from puppies
    Always good. Puppies won't hurt your heart. Unless they maul you but when does that ever happen?
  5. Forehead kisses
    Subjective. Best when given in the morning when you're still in bed, still sleeping(ish) and the kisser is going to work.