1. Picture with a celebrity
    The one's I've seen the most are with Jeff Goldblum, Mike Tyson, and Bill Murray.
  2. "Since height seems to matter around here..."
    Then the list their height. Really though, how many girls are asking guys for their heights? Jesus.
  3. "The kid in the pic is my cute nephew/godson/niece"
  4. Selfie with dog in car
  5. "I like living life to the fullest"
  6. Picture with guy friends in Halloween costumes or funny onesies etc.
  7. "Love the outdoors"
  8. Picture dancing at a wedding
  9. "Say hi and let's see where it goes from there"
  10. 🏉☕️🍕🍺🐶♌️🎥
  11. Picture of them doing some outdoor activity
  12. CO ✈️ NY ✈️ LA
  13. Beer, tacos, movies.