On an episode of Arrested Development, Lindsay and Tobias are debating about having an open marriage. Lindsay asks Tobias if they ever work and he says "No, it never does. People delude themselves into thinking it might...but it might work for us". That is also true for the following...
  1. Texting and driving
  2. Hooking up with your best friend
  3. Starting a 44 minute episode of TV when you have to be somewhere in 20 minutes
  4. Eating Taco Bell at 2 am and feeling good about it
  5. Cooking bacon naked
  6. Spending an exorbitant amount of money on sunglasses and saying "Yes! Now I will never lose them!"
  7. Starting an Internet argument
  8. Going to Target under the assumption you're only going to buy one item
  9. "Just going to close my eyes for a few more minutes..."
  10. Not writing down a great idea because there's "no way" you'll forget it
    Suggested by @MikeCPuckett
  11. Shots
    Suggested by @Daley