1. Ms. Kelly
    THIS 4TH GRADE BITCH. She was a bitter, middle-aged woman who decided she hated me. Granted, I was an outspoken asshole in elementary school, but I was only acting out because my parents were going through a horrible custody battle. Everyone at the school knew this and was usually super compassionate BUT NOT MS. KELLY. When my dog had to be put down, she told me there wasn't such a thing as "dog heaven".
  2. Ms. Kelly pt. 2
    In 4th grade, we were all assigned a President to study and do a report on. Every class was involved in this, so in art, we painted portraits of our assigned presidents. First things first, I suck at drawing. Knew it then, knew it now. All of our paintings hung in Ms. Kelly's room. I came in from recess and she goes "Hollis, Mr. Conley came in and ask who painted the ugly portrait. And we realized it was yours." OH FUCK YOU, BITCH.
  3. Mr. Wittmer
    8th grade social studies. Was usually super cool and not to mention, hot. At first, I had no beef. But when he saw me looking over my friend Alex's notes before a quiz, he decided Alex and I were "conspiring to cheat" and suspended us. JOKE IS ON YOU, MR. WITTMER. My mom realized I wasn't going to cheat and took me shopping and we got Chinese food during my "suspension".
  4. Ms. Barrett-Cook
    High school Geometry. THIS GODDAMN C WORD. I'm so bad at math, I really needed teachers who were helpful with me. When I asked questions, she'd roll her eyes. She was an all around terrible teacher. When she returned tests, anyone who scored an A got a piece of candy. You know who REALLY FUCKING HATES reward systems like that? Ya girl, Hollis. She was so bad that there were 6 of us from her class who ended up having to go to summer school for Geometry. Also, her hair was ugly I'LL SAY IT.
  5. Danit Brown
    SHE GETS MY GOAT THE WORST. I was not an academically ambitious student. I would do my assignments, get pretty good grades and just float along. Junior year, I took Greek and Roman Lit and fell in love with the subject matter. I was a theatre and creative writing major and I was not required to write a thesis. But I decided I wanted to anyway because I wanted to write a TV Screenplay based Greek and Roman lit...
  6. Danit Brown pt. 2
    So, I approached my G&R Lit professor (ALL AROUND GREAT HUMAN IAN MACINNES) and asked if he would be willing to be my historical advisor. He thought it was a great idea and was so supportive but said I had to get Danit to sign off on it since she taught the Screenwriting class. I had had her for a writing workshop and hated her from that, so I was already dreading this. I presented my idea to her with a really nice presentation and was the most polite I've ever been...
  7. Danit Brown pt. 3
    And remember, I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO DO THIS THESIS. This was above and beyond anything I'd ever done. So I present everything to her, including an outline for the entire first season. She goes "I'm not really seeing the concept. And also, I don't feel comfortable advising you to write a script because I have no experience with that." "Then why do you teach the screenwriting class?" I asked. She IGNORED MY QUESTIONS and just said "I'm sorry, but I can't sign off on this." FUCK YOU, DANIT BROWN.