I've been to Chicago maybe twice in my 26 years on this planet. Sorry, @bjnovak
  1. Dick's Last Resort
    My family went here when I was probably 8 and it blew my fucking mind. I got to watch adults disrespect my parents and my parents loved it. They gave my Dad a dunce hat that said "Hooked on Phonics." What a world.
  2. That tower with the glass floor
    Is it the Sears tower or the CN tower? I can't remember. Another thing that blew my 8 year old mind. I jumped on it to make sure it was solid. Grade A badass.
  3. Pizza
    I don't like deep dish pizza but other people do and Chicago is suppose to have good ones, right?
  4. The Panera by @mia's old college.
    She talks about it a lot. Nostalgia may be clouding her judgement.
  5. Bring a windbreaker
    Seems obvious.