There's no flirting like Snapchat flirting. And god bless them for installing filters so that your crush can know what you'd look like as a pig ?? Anyway. I'm not wearing make up in any of these so you know how they look on a blank canvas. Keeping it 💯
  1. Tiger?
    I would maybe send this but there are cuter animal options. I'm sending this one if he and I have a back and forth going where we're just trying out various filters. Other than that, pass. 3/10
  2. Banana hat and glasses
    Would send but only if my make-up was poppin' and I had like a clever caption. I find you aPEELing maybe? But I'm not that bold. 4/10
  3. Wtf even is this
    Unless he has a fetish for that white thing from Neverending Story (never seen it) HARD PASS. 0/10
  4. Zebra
    Did I die and a really mean ghost propped me up and opened my eyes and then took this picture and sent it to my crush? Cause that's the only reason this one will ever be used. REAL 0/10
  5. Dog face
    A classic back in the day. But now snap has so many cute filters this one feels hella basic. 5/10
  6. Moody librarian?
    I don't give a fuck what this one is called. All that matters is THIS IS THE SHIT I'M HERE FOR. 10/10 would send will probably send right now brb
  7. Smooth face contour thing
    Again, this one is make-up dependent. Also good light dependent. It looks so blue and weird in bad light so it's a risk. 6/10
  8. Bat
    Ugh maybe? Again, have I run out of better options? I kinda like the teeth though. 4/10.
  9. Why
    Um no thank you. Cause any fuckboi is gonna say some dumb shit about my mouth being that big. Bye. 0/10
  10. OG flower crown
    There's a reason this one never leaves. Stunning. Perfection. Beauty. Absolutely sending 10/10
  11. Zebra pt 2
    Wow normally really hate animal print but I fux with this one. Love the lashes love the nose. 8/10
  12. Pink deer
    Ehhhh. I liked the old deer one better where it was like orange? This feels too vulnerable. Also flower crown or deer. Pick one. 6/10
  13. Chipmunk
    This is legit the female chipmunk who was like Simon's alternative, right? I'm not sending this one to a crush but I will send it to like a 3rd date boy. Maybe with like a "wyd?" Idk it's cute whatever.
  14. Pig
    See here's my dilemma with this one: super cute but it's a pig. I love pigs but my insane over analytical brain will be like HE'LL ASSOCIATE YOU WITH BEING A PIG. But it's cute? Goes either way. 5/10
  15. Hot dog man
    Yes. Of course. I love him. 11/10
  16. Smart bear
    This is one of the options in the ears/glasses section. It's also my favorite. Would really like to own glasses like that irl. 10/10 would sent and have sent in the past.
  17. Sad face
    Um. Maaaaaybe if the boy like cancels plans or says he hates work or something idk. I'd probably still do smart bear and then just make a sad face. 3/10
  18. Man