I'm currently reading a book called "In Our Hearts We Were Giants" about a family of 7 little people siblings who were taken to Auschwitz and tortured by Mengele. I'm auditioning for a play based on their story and HOLY COW IS IT UPSETTING. Please give me all of your cute things cause I NEED THIS.
  1. This pig
  2. When toddlers hold your hand by only holding one of your fingers.
  3. Tom Hardy with this dog.
  4. Red pandas
  5. My nephew
  6. This Corgi butt
  7. Tom Hardy with a different dog
  8. Tom Hardy with ANOTHER dog
  9. My pup
    Suggested by   @ouizoid
  10. Puppies napping with babies. This shit is a panacea. http://bit.ly/1FICHAV
    Suggested by   @lilydiamond
  11. My baby
    Suggested by   @dave
  12. Come on mom
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey