1. Aladdin
    I mean...bad boy from the streets with a pet monkey?! Sign me up!
  2. Flynn Rider
    V. cute, v. charming, v. witty and he says at the end of the movie that he prefers brunettes. 👍
  3. Prince Eric
    Not much personality wise...but dem eyes. Plus, he's got a boat and an awesome dog.
  4. Beast
    Reformed bad boy with a killer bod + castle. Gonna need him to cut those long blonde locks though unless he turns it into some sort of man bun situation.
  5. Prince Phillip
    Big ups for liking to dance. However, not super into the rapey vibe.
  6. Shan Yu
    Could not even tell Mulan was a girl. Pretty but dumb.
  7. Snow White's Prince
    0 personality. Basically white bread and does nothing except kiss Snow White. The dwarves are the ones who actually vanquish the evil queen! I might be biased.
  8. Prince Charming
    Foot fetish. Pass.
  9. Tiana's Prince
    Arguably the best looking but also a giant douche. After he lived as a frog, I'd also be concerned about warts. No me gusta.