My Mom is terrified of flying so she, my 12 year old sister, and I are driving from Detroit to Florida. Being in this close of quarters with my family makes me act 13 again. God help us all.
  1. I's just SO dark aggressively dark...maybe I'm just used to the lights in LA.
    I never disgust myself more than when I say things like this.
  2. Mom! That guy at the Apple Store was flirting with me and you ruined it!!
    My phone crashed and we had to make a stop in Toledo and a cute Apple employee in a beanie winked at me and said he liked my name and my mom proceeded to exclaim "THANK YOU! I CAME UP WITH IT!"
  3. No, I don't want the snack size McFlurry. I'm an adult. Please order me the regular.
  4. SHOTGUN! Shotgun! It's mine! I called it!!
  5. He did the voice in Bee Movie and that's the last time we will speak of that film again.
    I made them listen to Seinfeld stand-up and my sister goes "his voice sounds so familiar!!"