1. Maintains a 4.0 GPA
  2. President of her sorority
  3. Gets into Harvard law school despite protests from everyone she knows (except her girlfriends)
  4. Bucks all stereotypes and proves she deserves to be there
  5. Is kind to everyone even when they don't necessarily deserve it
    That lesbian girl is super mean to her but Elle is all "I don't say the word dyke, let me live"
  6. Decides to kick ass at Harvard for her self rather than for Warner
  7. Doesn't sell out Brooke Wyndham and her alibi just to get ahead in her career
  8. Befriends Vivian despite the fact they were pitted against each other by a man
  9. Doesn't sleep with Victor Garber even though he assumes she will because of how she looks
  10. Uses her feminine knowledge that everyone dismissed to prove Brooke's innocence and win a murder trial
  11. She doesn't get back with Warner when he finally decides that she's worthy of him
  12. Graduates valedictorian
  13. Her relationship with Emmett is seen as a bonus to her success in law school and job offers
  14. She's raised Bruiser Woods to be a bo$$
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