I love my Aunt a lot and I will probably delete this when this app goes public but sometimes she can be...overbearing. I get an email almost every day.
  1. Woodrow Wilson facts!
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  2. She is very interested in my sleeping patterns.
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  3. VERY interested.
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  4. I have never met these people and I'm pretty sure they're actually 3rd or 4th cousins.
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    I'm sympathetic to the breast cancer, that totally sucks but I think me stopping by and doing my stand-up routine is the last thing they need.
  5. Okay, why is Uncle Alan only "hoping" to make it to Alaska? Why are we leaving this up to chance?
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  6. We had a black widow problem in our apartment building. Is the "Ant" Carol signature a shoutout to the pest problem? Brilliant.
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