1. "I walked by and saw you and then figured I'd pretend to sit by you and wait for a moment to say hi and clearly I didn't do that because now I'm just walking right up to you."
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    To Matt Smith, aka The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who aka my favorite doctor and beautiful face haver. He was very nice and said "let's take a selfie" and I said "are you sure???" LIKE AN IDIOT.
  2. "I love everything you do!!!!!!"
    To Chris Hardwick. I ran into him at Hollywood Center Studios while I was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. Shoulda been chill and been like "oh, yeah, Nerdist is super cool and I also enjoy Talking Dead and @midnight" but instead I just exclaimed that in his face.
  3. "You're just trying to trick me, I know you're not actually Sharon Needles."
    Sharon Needles was the winner of Rupaul's Drag Race season 4. The person I was talking to WAS Sharon Needles. I said this to her after she pulled me into the single stall bathroom with her and proceeded to pee and talk to me at the same time. I was very drunk.
  4. "I wish you were my godmother."
    At the Trophy Wife wrap party to Michaela Watkins. I proceeded to go into a speech about how much I admire and respect her and loved getting to know her and get her advice. The rest of the chat was very sweet but my opening line had ZERO CHILL.