1. 7:00 am- my alarm goes off. I wanted to wake up early and write my Royals recap with the promise that I can go back to bed. I barely stir.
  2. 8:00 am-alarm goes off again. My room is freezing so I grab 2 additional blankets. Send this snapchat to my cousin.
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  3. 9:00 am-Finally wake up and watch Royals. Was a decent episode.
  4. 10:00 am-Begin writing recap. End up watching a half hour of Social Network clips. Recap is written later than I wanted it to be.
    Sorry @videodrew!!
  5. 11:30 am-Rewatch Game of Thrones. FANTASTIC episode. I love this show so fucking much.
    I'd watch a buddy travel comedy of spinoff of Varys and Tyrion.
  6. 12:30pm-Debate getting out of bed and getting leftover pizza out of the fridge. This would require putting on clothes and I am not ready to make that commitment.
  7. 12:37 pm-Look at pictures from my San Diego weekend.
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  8. 12:39 pm-Look at pictures from @mia 's birthday gathering.
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  9. 12:41 pm-Re-commence my Friday Night Lights binge.
  10. 2:17 pm- Get intense PTSD flashbacks of my mom teaching me to drive when Tami teaches Julie how to drive.
  11. 2:18 pm- Debate opening the bottle of Cab Sav sitting on my dresser. Would pair nicely with the leftover pizza.
  12. 2:19 pm- Still debating...