Solid request, @zoe ! I like to think I not only had fun, but learned a little about myself in the process.
  1. Fuck: Phoebe
    It's not necessarily an attraction thing, although Lisa Kudrow is beautiful and INSANELY talented. It's more that I'm pretty sure Phoebe would be the most bonkers in the boudoir. She references her insane sex life on the show multiple times: -Saying she can easily put her legs behind her head -Saying there's a sexual act she wants to do with Mike but he's too prude -Leaving Mike tied up in bed when she goes to Rachel's going away party.
  2. Kill: Rachel
    You'd be the most beautiful corpse, bb. See below for full explanation.
  3. Marry: Monica
    This was the hardest thing to decide. So instead of looking at Monica and Rachel to decide...I turned my eyes inward and got introspective. Who would make the best partner for Hollis? I tend to be pretty laid back, messy, and oftentimes, a human disaster. If Rachel and I were to get married, I'm not sure much would get done. However, I think if I married Monica, she would make me the best Hollis I could be. Also, she would do literally all of the chores. All of them. I rest my case.