SPOILERS! cc: @LevNovak this is old but it's essentially my Game of Baes.
  1. Khal Drogo
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    Usually not into super muscley men but he could GET IT. Plus his undying devotion to Dany? Swoon. Why'd you have to go, Drogo?
  2. Jaime Lannister
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    I mean....can you really blame Cersei? It's not like she's going to find anyone hotter.
  3. Robb Stark
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    Total package. Loves his family, loves his country, cute dog, great hair. Not so great at wedding planning.
  4. Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger
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    Okay, the most creepy dude but there's something sexy about that creepiness, no? Not really marriage material but would be a great fling and a fantastic chapter in a future memoir. Also please get rid of the soul patch. Thanks!
  5. Tyrion Lannister
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    Intelligent, kind, another candidate for hair of the year award...however points deducted for having MAJOR daddy issues.
  6. Jon Snow
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    I'm not convinced tall, dark, and handsome was a thing until Jon Snow came along. But, before we get to business, I'm gonna need that hair to go through a solid wash. I don't need to feel like I'm making out with a bottle of olive oil.
  7. Jaqen H'ghar
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    Boyfriend can change his face at will and he'll kill anyone you name?! That should be the only two things someone looks for in a boyfriend.
  8. Sandor Clegane aka The Hound
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    Very scary but also a teddy bear? Personality trumps looks here.
  9. Gendry
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    I know Arya is like 14 but I ship she and Gendry SO HARD. The bastard of Robert Baratheon? I barely believe it. Gendry is too adorable.
  10. Bronn
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    Tyrion's bodyguard and hunk. Before Tyrion though, he wasn't completely trustworthy. More of a one night stand situation.
  11. Loras Tyrell
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    God damn, you're beautiful, Loras. You're like an eclipse...if I look at you too long, I'm probably going to go blind.
  12. Ned Stark
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    Tooooo stubborn. He basically sets off a chain of horrific events because of it. I also feel like his lovemaking would be wooden and bland.
  13. Jorah Mormont
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    Ohhh, Ser Jorah the Explorah. He'd be too busy pining over Dany to give anyone else any sort of attention. Not hot enough for me to chase that unrequited love.
  14. Daario Naharis
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    The re-cast was bizarre. Did Benioff and Weiss just say "let's find two actors in Hollywood who literally look nothing alike! People won't care!" I care a little but both are cute so...meh. Still good.
  15. Renly Baratheon
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    He's beautiful and charming but he has ZERO interest in my downstairs department. Would rather grab brunch with him and make fun of Joffrey.
  16. Theon Greyjoy
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    Would have been much higher on the list before ya know....the unfortunate incident. I'm a sucker for lost little puppy eyes. Theon, you poor bb.
  17. Stannis Baratheon
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    So, so boring. The color beige incarnate. Pass.
  18. Robert Baratheon
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    Least desirable of the Baratheon brothers. Again, can you really blame Cersei for choosing Jaime over this lug?
  19. Varys
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    Banging wouldn't really be an option would it? But you know homie has the best gossip, so. Not a total loss.
  20. Tywin Lannister
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    Despicable. If anyone deserved their dick shot off, it was this mofo.
  21. Joffrey Baratheon
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    WOULD RATHER BE CELIBATE! HARDEST OF PASSES. Or, I'd lure him into the bedroom just to murder his stupid, little weasel face, you god damn son of a bitch.