1. Walk to bathroom for water, naked. Remember I have roommates and panic run back into my room. Run into a wall.
    This did nothing to help it.
  2. Check in with friends I emotionally drunk texted last night
    This did not cure it.
  3. Watch Bruce Jenner interview and cry.
    This only made me more dehydrated.
  4. Ignore texts from my mom
    This made it worse.
  5. Wonder why my uber driver kept trying to talk to a drunk me about Armenian Genocide
    This did not cure it.
  6. Napped and had a terrible dream about a flood following me around in a 50 ft radius.
  7. Ordered far too much sushi delivery for one person and consumed it all in 20 minutes.
  8. Hours of Friday Night Lights
  9. Broke into my car crash painkillers for assistance.
    They did NOTHING.
  10. Replay the moment @videodrew and @liana told me I was the most "Claire Underwood" person they've ever met over and over.
    This almost cured it the most.